Sekhem meets the digital age

Sekhem Grand Master Helen Belôt is delighted to announce the launch of her new website: which has been designed to create easier access to information, products and services available to those interested in Sekhem and healing energies and will go live on the world wide web on November 1st 2011.

For over thirty years people have relied on information about Sekhem through word-of mouth, localised advertising and promotion, and the good efforts of practitioners and supporters as well as through the passionate efforts of Sekhem originator, Helen Belôt. However with the current level of demand on information sharing and product supply requirements, it was felt that a single genuine hub was necessary to ensure accurate up to date information to service a growing global Sekhem community.


A screen grab of the website has been developed as a live global user friendly interface available 24 hours a day to everyone everywhere. This way everything people may need to know about Sekhem can be accessed rather than waiting for someone to respond by phone or email. The site contains information such as the background of Sekhem, the meaning and origins of Sekhem, current certified practitioners, practitioner contact details, course information, product information, and access to Sekhem books, Elixirs, Oils, Healing creams, Essences, and Meditation CD’s. The site allows users to purchase goods and book courses in real time in a safe and secure method through PayPal and with all recognised credit cards. The site will also be fully maintained to guarantee any new information is updated regularly. People can also sign into a register to receive information directly as part of regular Sekhem news communiqué updates.

The development of the site was considered absolutely necessary to ensure Sekhem was part of today’s digital era. More than just a shopping portal, Sekhem originator Helen Belôt felt that the site represents a clarification of what Sekhem is. “There is much miss information about Sekhem with people claiming it is the same as other healing energies when it is not so, for this is the most profound energy healing system being taught in the world today”, Confirms Belôt.

Unfortunately in the past, other people have made claims to various energy systems including Sekhem and having spent most of her life dedicated to Sekhem, Belôt felt that it is important that the correct information is made clear through the site.

The site will also streamline the offering of Sekhem goods and services so that people can access these whenever they choose.

A large part of the success of Sekhem as a universal healing energy system is its team of qualified practitioners. Helen Belôt can be contacted via the site to advise on details for local Sekhem practitioners. This way people can feel comfortable that they are only being referred to genuine Sekhem teachers who have been trained and certified by Helen.

Helen Belôt hopes that the website will be of great help to the whole Sekhem community as well as those new to Sekhem and the wonderful effect the healing energy has on us all. “If there was ever a time where people needed more calm, love and overall healing in their lives, it is now.”

The site represents a great moment for Sekhem by bringing together a complete package of some of the most beautiful, unique and transformational products available today.

“In a world where over 100 million people are online shopping or seeking information at any one time, bringing Sekhem into this digital age will enable Sekhem to go beyond its current reach and enable a literally limitless audience the opportunity to experience one of the greatest Healing energy systems available to us all and the beautiful products and services that carry its form”, concludes Belôt.

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