It is with regret, that we must announce the passing Helen Belôt, the owner of Helen passed away on the 11th of January. Daniel Leipnik will be taking over administration the website in the interim until further notice.

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  • It is with regret that I can no longer teach Sekhem It is with regret that I can no longer teach Sekhem for it has given…



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Welcome to Sekhem

Sekhem is much more than healing energy for it carries a communication aspect that Helen brought from her universe (for she is on loan to this one) to the temples of ancient Egypt long before Atlantis fell, and was added to the healing energy she reintroduced into our modern times. It is high vibrational energy, the highest of any system currently taught in our world and so demands honesty and integrity from those who use it. There is no room for ego for it is humility and gratitude that brings the greatest power for good and healing in our world.

Sekhem is intelligent and powerful but gentle, loving and compassionate energy. It does not work on a chakra system, for to do so would severely limit it. Simultaneously it brings about positive change in the physical mental, emotional and spiritual levels in a supportive, loving and compassionate way. Changes happen without trauma and drama for they bring a knowledge and certainty of the rightness of the changes and changed way of thinking for it does not work on symptoms but on the very deep underlying cause.

One of the greatest things you can do for yourself is to have a Sekhem treatment and then to go on and learn how to channel it for yourself. There are no limits to this energy when used properly so chose your practitioner or teacher very well.


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